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about industries Raymond mill selection

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industrial application of Raymond mill in our lives is very extensive, a few days we’ll find out, strengthens their industrial Raymond mill awareness. Industrial ball leimengmobi high efficiency, low power consumption and small footprint, less initial investment.
Roll tightly compacted under the action of centrifugal force on the ring, so when the grinding roller and grinding ring wear to a certain thickness does not affect yield and fineness of the finished product. Grinding roller and grinding ring replacement cycle longer, thereby eliminating the ills of centrifugal Raymond mill replacing wearing parts short cycle.
Grinding shells of the wind flow in the wind circulating within fan operation in a cyclone separator, so less than the high speed centrifugal grinder dust, operations workshops clean, no pollution to the environment.
Industrial structure of raymond mill

: Raymond mill is made up of three groups comprising roller and grinding ring and mixing plows, accessories to the milling Chamber consists of a blower fan and a three roller HANGER inside air small wind turbine components. In three sets of rollers on rotating bracket, rotate the bracket rotation-driven rolling three sets of rollers on the ring rotation bracket from the motor pulley and bevel gear pair drive. After the calcined petroleum coke into the grinding Chamber, continually rolling into powder after, with airflow to set drum toner cartridge. Angle gearbox lubrication pump pressure is 550~870kPa, forced lubrication of bevel gear pair. Three sets of roller lubrication of the original design is from a small wind turbine to HANGER Chambers conveyor belt continuous air drops of lubricating oil lubrication.

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