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Thanks for registering to write a book with the world…

Just think if one percent of the population – or even just one percent of one percent – posted their ideas in one day, we’d have enough information to fill a book with world solutions.

Think about it, the average human being has more direct contact with more people than any previous era of history.  Now we have the chance to take advantage of all those ideas and all that brain power.

And that is why I wrote the 1st chapter to “A Simple Guide to Making a Difference” to engage a worldwide community online and in person to find and share simple ways to make a difference.  Since the “2nd Chapter and Beyond” is part of the book every post, every comment and every video is all part of the book.  I am not looking to get rich off of your content as far as I am concerned you post it you own it.  Let have fun with this one and see if we can create something amazing that we all can benefit from.

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Stephen T. Jones aka Jones-z
Visionary and Inspirational Speaker

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