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A vertical mill the earliest vertical roller mill

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Raymond Mill (VR, RP type vertical roller mill, Raymond Mill) and suspended roller mill, vertical mill is a kind of the earliest. There are two types of structure. Figure 3-6 polysius vertical roller mill 1, roller cone dish spring pressure type vertical roller mill Figure 3 7 for roller cone bowl and dish spring pressure type vertical roller mill structure diagram. The grinding bowl 3 by the motor through a worm reducer 1, vertical shaft 2 to rotate. Grinding roller 4 due to the friction force between the grinding bowl and the bowl to drive the rotation. And the upper part of the casing of the separator is 5, finely ground material is hot with the separator separation, coarse grain left in the bowl tray grinding, fine powder by dust collector collects the finished product. In recent years, the ring roller mill has gradually been eliminated. 2. The main part of the roller mill is the main part of the roller mill, which is shown in 3 8. Suspended roller mill called Raymond Mill (Raymond). 8 chassis of the anchor bolt supported on concrete foundations. The chassis is provided with a hollow column 4, a column in the bushes, mounted on the spindle 3 bushings. The lower end of the main shaft is equipped with a pair of bevel gears 12, 13, and the upper end of the main shaft is provided with a star shaped frame 2, a star shaped frame is provided with a yoke, and a short shaft is arranged in the yoke. The grinding roller device is composed of 1 of the grinding roller, the roller sleeve and the roller 7. The roller is supported on the shaft of the roller shaft, and can rotate freely around the center of the shaft. When the motor 11 through the belt wheel 10, the transmission shaft 16, the size of the bevel gear 12, 13 drives the spindle rotation, the star frame is driven by the spindle rotation. Because of the centrifugal force, the roller is squeezed out of the mill ring at the edge of the chassis, and the material is subjected to extrusion and grinding. The lower edge of the chassis 8 is provided with a plurality of rectangular holes, the outer cylinder 9. From the fan drum into the air through the air duct by 9 rectangular holes into the lower edge of the chassis 8 mill. Air to finely ground material with, after the top of the mill select powder machine (Figure unpainted), air entrained in coarse grain is divided into, and dropped back into the chassis 8. And then being mounted in the blade frame 5 Blade 14 sweep, to sprinkle on the chassis of the grinding ring and milled again until the required fineness. Suspension and in machine disc side above with sub grid wheel automatic feeder milling, and equipped with air controller, it can with the mill air automatically adjust the feeding quantity, the mill to maintain normal production. The size of the suspension roller mill, the number and diameter of the roller, and the height of the number of centimeters. For example, the 4R3216 type suspension roller mill, for the four roller, the diameter of 32cm, high figure 3-9 universal vertical roller mill 16cm.

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