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A variety of T41 4 inches cutting disc size?

In order to meet the different cutting needs of different users, the manufacturer of the cutting disc has produced a variety of different cutting disc sizes. Today, I will introduce you to the various T41 4 inches cutting disc size.

There are many types of cutting discs, there are many types of classification, we can hardly remember such a variety of cutting discs, many users only remember a part of it, the cutting disc consists of adhesive, abrasive and matrix, three elements of different components A variety of cutting discs can be formed, so the classification is also more diverse, according to the adhesive can be divided into different types of cutting discs.

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Different cutting disc products have their own logos, and their logos are all described below.

The shape of the wheel is indicated by spa; the outer diameter is indicated by the first letter d of the English word, of course the diameter of the hole is also D, because the diameter of the wheel is the first letter H; the abrasive is the first letter of the abrasive material of the grinding wheel; L indicates that the binder is represented by B. There are other direct data representations that are not listed here.

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