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A sand making machine head comprises a hollow and other things

A sand making machine head, comprising a hollow, generally-conical manganese steel mantle, a common steel core shaped generally for coact-ion with said mantle, extending above the mantle at its upper end, in cylindrical form coinciding with a cylindrical upper portion in the inner surface of the mantle, and means effecting positive connection between the mantle and core in a single Zone below the middle of the mantle, whereby a longitudinal extension of the mantle above the zone of positive connection dees not free the mantle from the support of the core at its upper end.

A purpose of the invention is to provide equipment of the character-indicated adapted to easy yand inexpensive manufacture and well suited vto the needs of service.

A further purpose is to locate a rotating e’ccentric that longitudinally reciprocates a link to angularly reciprocate the main rocker of a preferably double-acting sand making machine, wholly outside of a space directly beneath the rocker in order to make the bearings of thev drive shaft more accessible and keep them away from the deleterious action of dust and particles of broken stone or the like incident to the operation of the sand making machine.

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A further purpose is to operate the rocker of a preferably double-acting crusher of the character indicated by a link, making toward its one end under the rocker a heavy duty socket or knuckle joint connection with the rocker, and at its other end longitudinally reciprocatedmy an eccentric connection with a rotating powershaft -outside the space beneath the rocker. I locate the power shaft outside the space beneath the rocker, use a long link and provide a socket or knuckle connection between the link and rocker near the outer end of the link and preferably directly under the rocker axis when the rocker is in mid position. f

A further purpose is to deliver the crushed material from one side of a double-acting sand making machine ofthe character indicated through an opening in an intermediate portion of a link reciprocating. the rocker of the sand making machine from an eccentric ou’tside of the space beneath the rocker.

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