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A brief introduction to the High-Efficiency Peanut Picker machine 8000/6000?

With the continuous development of China’s agriculture, there is now more and more demand for picking machines, especially the demand for peanut pickers.

Nowadays, due to the planting mode and the lack of peanut picking machines, peanut harvesting still relies mainly on the labor force. Therefore, it is necessary for the picking machine manufacturer to continuously develop and produce the picking equipment that can meet the needs of users. As a professional agricultural equipment manufacturer, Aike has developed a High-Efficiency Peanut Picker machine 8000/6000 to improve the production efficiency of agriculture. Today, we will introduce this equipment.

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High-Efficiency Peanut Picker machine 8000/6000 guiding module is disposed at a lower portion of the mounting bracket, the guiding module comprises a central annular rail, the central annular rail comprises a linear guiding rail and a downwardly curved arc guiding rail; the picking machine comprises a conveying cylinder, a sliding seat, a soil cone and a guiding plate The sliding seat is provided with a through hole, the conveying cylinder is inserted in the through hole, the sliding seat can slide up and down with respect to the conveying cylinder, and the sliding seat is further provided with a guiding side arm, and the guiding side arm is slidably disposed on the central annular rail, and the inlet cone comprises Two opposite semi-conical shields, two semi-conical shields are rotatably disposed on opposite sides of the sliding seat, and a semi-conical shroud is further provided with a guiding chute on the outer wall, and the guiding chute includes a connection A vertical chute and a curved chute, the guide plate is fixed on the conveying cylinder, and the guiding plate is provided with two guiding columns, and the guiding column is inserted in the corresponding guiding chute for controlling the two semi-conical shields Opening and closing.



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