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450 filter screen

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vibratory screening machine in the potato starch industry is widely used Raymond Mill, as is the food industry hygiene standards more stringent requirements, it must use 304 stainless steel. While the latter choice shaker accessories also have certain requirements, following a mechanical shaker manufacturers for your specific Tahan explain: First, select the vibration motor vibration motor vibration source potato starch screening machine, the size of the exciting force is based different weights and sizes and material handling capacity shaker to determine the amount of screening machines of different sizes used in the vibration motor. Exciting force is too large, shaker excitation force is too large because of the emergence of the phenomenon shattered. Vibration motor excitation force is too small, then reach the treatment effect may also be due to the exciting force is too small to cause the accumulation of material blocking network phenomenon raymond mill.
Secondly, the use of different materials produced by vibration sieve, sieve has a great influence on the screening efficiency of various materials, a variety of different materials sieve in sieve, sieve vibration or increase the frequency of beating the material a quantity. And the bonding between the separable materials to add more loose particles can pass through the sieve mesh size
last: larger sieve, sieve unit area of ​​higher productivity, better the screening effect, but the sieve It depends on the purpose and requirements adopted, if hope sieve sieve material containing less than fines should be as small as possible with a smaller mesh; on the contrary, if the requirements of the undersize material as possible particle containing more than a predetermined particle size, the mesh is not too large. Predetermined mesh size as wide limits.

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