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4 Common Reasons for Ball Mill Wear and Tear

There is a variety of reasons of ball mill wear, I will mainly talk about four by following.Large ore dressing equipment ball mill during the grinding material, through the rotation of the bearing, steel ball impact, etc., in the run time has been in a state of shock. In the process of ball mill equipment for a long time work, hard to avoid can appear wear phenomenon, so it is important to note that the ball mill lubrication work. So in the use of the whole process of ball mill, ball mill what factors can lead to improper lubrication, and how to avoid? By professional ball mill manufacturers under the yantai xin sea under the mining machinery co., LTD., to discuss with you:

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1, lubricating oil choice: if improper lubrication, will reduce the effect of lubrication for ball mill. Such as selection of lubricant viscosity, low temperature characteristics with sticky cannot protect the ball mill bearing, even burning bush. In addition, if the lack of oil, oil, or bearing or bearing surface height to achieve scaling off, high bearing working face is difficult to form oil film.

2, the influence of oil: the large ball mill using the environment is usually more complex, ball mill outside of the debris, dust and material is easy to enter inside the ball mill, especially into the main shaft of working face, then it is likely that they will block ball mill in the lubrication system components, so add the fuel tank during filling lubricating oil should be filtered, used in ball mill set during shield.

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