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China grinding wheel supplier says that in the renovation of stone floors, first of all, the cost of the project has an estimate. If the cost is relatively low, the construction period is allowed, and the work of acceptance is relatively loose, ordinary abrasive grinding disc tools can be considered.

The requirements for the construction period are strict, and diamond abrasive grinding disc tools are used, and the equipment is appropriately selected according to the conditions of the machine. If the machine is heavy and works at a high speed, you can use a durable tool; if the machine is light and the work speed is low, you can use sharp abrasive grinding disc tools. In addition, during the grinding process, the processing efficiency can be achieved by the change in the amount of water.

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Sometimes, when “leveling” the ground, using coarse-grained diamond resin grinding discs (or diamond soft-grinding discs), you may feel that it cannot be worn; you can use less water to increase the pressure, or you can increase the machine under the same conditions. The speed is so that the grinding piece can be cut out as soon as possible. A good method is to use a metal cutting piece or a metal grinding piece for preliminary work.

In order to ensure the flatness of the ground, before the 500# processing, it should be processed with a smooth flatness as much as possible, and then polished with a soft diamond disc. Its good fit can effectively improve the grinding efficiency and achieve good gloss.

China grinding wheel supplier says that when polishing, in order to overcome the scratch on the stone, the hardness of abrasive grinding disc tools should be soft, which is good for glazing. At the same time, in order to improve the gloss, the water volume can be reduced and the rotation speed of the machine can be increased. The method of increasing the temperature of the surface also promotes the improvement of gloss. In short, the polishing of stone is a complex physical and chemical process, both physical micro-plowing and surface purification reactions, depending on the situation, is not the same.

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