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How to Get Much more Facebook Fans

How you can get much more Facebook fans is one of the hottest questions currently, you have built or acquired someone else to style your custom fan page and now you sit patiently waiting to become “discovered” by 1,000’s of Facebook fans but guess what?, it isn’t as simple as that and it could be an extremely sluggish procedure waiting to be spotted!.

But there are other options to consider, here are our top suggestions for techniques that might just strike gold for you!.

1. Buy Facebook Fans – This easiest answer is just to contact one of the numerous web sites that allow you to buy Facebook Fans, and function a deal out with them, prices begin from around $69.99 for 500 new Facebook Followers, and when you have only just began your fan page the most essential factor to keep in mind is the fact that initially “quantity is much more important than quality”…’ll be astonished how you start to choose up new fans “organically” once your guests see that you already have quite a following!, and obviously all of a sudden you start to seem around the “Facebook search radar”, which will then begin to carry numerous extra new visitors to your fan page.

2. Fake Accounts – (Facebook purists divert your eyes for a moment!) Creating fake accounts on Facebook is another well-liked method to obtain much more Facebook Followers, it’s especially popular with affiliate entrepreneurs who try to add as numerous targeted “friends” as they are able to, this really is typically carried out by using software that “scrapes” the identities of buddies & followers who meet their targeted niche requirements. The internet entrepreneurs then interact with them, becoming friendly with them, making positive comments about their status & extensive use of the “Like” function!. They will post some funny, quality content (youtube videos and pics are always popular). After they gain some trust – they suggest them to join their fan page. This tactic is quite labor intensive & will take some time, but it’s incredibly effective, and you are able to use the same tactic time & time again…..Please note this tactic IS against Facebook Terms of Use, but that does not stop people using it!.

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3. Giveaways / Gifts – Everybody loves free stuff!. Run some contests or sponsored competitions to win something. Sticking to non-physical prizes or gifts is best (simple delivery & no shipping charges!)….ebooks are the perfect prize!….During the competition ask your followers to invite their buddies – usually they will do this without even thinking about it.
Another idea is to use giveaways to reward the fans who invite the most followers personally I have not yet found the way to determine that, but if somebody knows how you can track this procedure – please let me know!). Another creative way to get much more Facebook fans is to give something in exchange for becoming a new fan. A short ebook with some great tips about your fanpage niche will always create a stampede to you page!.

4. Be Pro-Active – In the event you want to have a successful fanpage, you need to become very pro-active….by very active I mean – frequent posting, high quality interesting content, run polls & contests. What I personally have found that works the best is actually the simplest tactic of all continually ask questions, seek comments & create conversation with your fans. When you have a pro-active fanpage other will join naturally.

5. Forum Commentary – Join forums related to your fanpage niche. Help forum guests, post quality stuff and put your fan page link in to the signature. This could be a big winner!.

6. Maximise Fan Page Description – If you followed all with the above tips, the “icing on the cake” to increase your Facebook fans is to put a little message in the fanpage description. Personally I discover something along these lines works really well: “Please help us to make this page the biggest (insert your niche name) fanpage on Facebook! Invite your buddies, we can’t do this without you.”

7. Use The “Like” Button – A huge bonus that you simply can all enjoy that will deliver lots of new followers to your fan page is by merely adding the “Like” button onto your best website articles & all new blog posts….you’ll be astonished at the amount of additional likes & fans you pick up by this simple tip!.

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