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High Efficient Ore Milling Equipments for the Modern Mining Industry

Our company has 20 years’ experience with more than 30,000 installations in some of the world’s toughest environments, including several hundred ore milling equipments used in a variety of applications for mines and tunnels all over the world. Over the years, our ore milling equipment has come to be associated with reliability and superior performance, and our commitment to technical and managerial excellence has earned us ISO 9001 certification.
Wherever an ore milling equipment for inspection, emergency, or inter-level hoisting is required in mines and underground shafts, our company’s ore milling equipment is the most economical choice. It requires no machine room, can be installed at any inclination, and provides a time-saving, safe, and comfortable transport facility for men and materials, even in very harsh or demanding environments. The deepest installation to date extends 650m.
The ore milling equipment is the perfect solution for underground, as well as aboveground mining industry applications, such as pelletizing plants, smelters, concentrators, and other ore processing plants. A main wire rope hoist, suitable for carrying heavy loads at relatively fast speeds, is the primary means of vertical access for men and materials in an underground mine. Our ore milling equipments are ideally suited for providing the secondary, emergency vertical access required by mine safety regulations.
Our company is the world’s leading supplier of rack and pinion mast climbing equipment and added-value services for both temporary and permanent installations, providing the most cost-efficient, reliable, and flexible vertical access solutions for people and materials in the construction and general industry. We, with manufacturing in Europe, Asia, and North America, operate wholly owned sales and rental companies in some 10 locations around the world, and have over 10 representatives in other locations.

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