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a brief analysis of the construction waste crusher

In the process of artificial coal will encounter a variety of problems, including selection of artificial coal making equipment, portable crusher equipment is the decisive factor for mechanism of coal quality. The engineers and make a brief analysis of the construction waste crusher equipment is different.

The former Department of inertia cone crusher. The Soviet Union in twentieth Century 50 years development, the development of products, the crushing ratio can reach 10- 15, feed particle size is 10-100mm, the big crushing force, less than 5mm output up to 80-90%, less than 1. 6mm reached 30%, product grain shape, suitable for processing hard rock, suitable for dry process production, but the body is heavy, lining plate, short life, poor reliability of safety critical components, production capacity is limited,.

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Rotary disc construction waste crusher for crushing the principle, coal breaking mainly rely on multi layer between the fine mutual extrusion and grinding the combined effect of the material particles, rupture, its structure and construction waste crusher cavity shape is similar, ultrafine x cone crusher, suitable for dry process production, product grain shape slightly worse than the rod mill, coal making process with liner wear need to adjust row ore size, feed moisture requirements, the suitable control below 1%, water content is slightly big, cake easily discharge, cause and severe vibration.

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